Gizelle Bryant Makes Some Serious Accusations About Mia Thornton

Photo Credit: Bravo

Mia Thornton is having a controversial season on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo had a lot of drama on the current season. In fact, Mia assaulted Wendy while the girls were in Miami to celebrate Karen Huger’s birthday. Mia planned the trip. And to no surprise, the situation was something that the rest of the cast had no choice but to react to. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon sided with Mia. They even said that Wendy was being an antagonizer. Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby said that Mia was in the wrong that day. They felt like she should have been able to handle Wendy with her words alone. As for Karen, she said that Mia and Wendy were both wrong during that blowup.

Wendy eventually called out Robyn and Gizelle for their stance on the issue. She reminded them that they took a very different position when Candiace was assaulted by Monique Samuels. So she accused both of hypocrisy. They didn’t agree. And Robyn said that she didn’t think the altercation was comparable to what happened with Monique and Candiace.

Regardless, Mia and Wendy were able to hash things out when the ladies traveled to Mexico. Mia apologized for getting physical. And Wendy apologized for some of the things that she said. So the ladies were on good terms by the season finale. However, Mia did end up having tension with Karen. And she made some accusations that didn’t sit well with Karen.

Mia told Karen that she heard that Karen had an affair with a friend of a business owner she knows. Karen denied this. And she made it clear that she’s done with Mia moving forward.

Gizelle Bryant’s reunion comments have RHOP fans talking a lot on social media.

Interestingly enough, Mia probably wasn’t anticipating that Gizelle would be the one to make some serious accusations at the reunion. During a preview for part 1 of the reunion, Mia opens up about the state of her family business. She and Gordon Thornton currently aren’t getting along with his brothers. So the couple has decided to just sell their shares of the company once it goes public.

Gizelle then asks Mia, “So did the brothers argue about how the money was being spent?” Mia responds, “That wasn’t it at all.”

After Mia denies this, Gizelle has more to say, “Because it looked very much like a little bit of embezzlement. Kind of? Like there was money that you guys were taking from the company. And that was paying for the house, that was paying for the renovation. And then you were cut off from that bank account. So it looked a little bit embezzling.”

Mia doesn’t think this makes any sense, “Why would I go public if we were stealing money? Like, come on now. I would probably keep that quiet.”

Gizelle then answers, “But to get in front of it…”

Wendy chimes in, “That’s Housewives 101.” And Gizelle goes on to say that Mia gave her clarity, “To get in front of it a bit. But you just explained it. I kind of understand a lil bit.”


  1. So Andy is just going to let Gizelle sit up there, take over his job and accuse people of committing felonies left and right while she shares absolutely nothing about her life. This show is so trash dog lmfao.

  2. Mia made sense to me. It was cringe watching all of them laugh at her like what she said was nonsensical (it wasn’t). They try too hard to make her seem like an airhead and liar when Robyn and Gizelle are sitting right there. That being said, Mia earned this. She needed to see that Gizelle will come for any at any given time because that’s the only way she has a storyline. I blame Andy for creating this monster.

  3. It’s the audacity for me. The temerity for me. Gizelle knows exactly what she’s doing and the only one spared is Robyn.

  4. I wonder what hold Gizelle has on Bravo that she basically does whatever she wants. She is in everyone’s business but barely shares anything about herself. I am not mad at her though, I respect her game. I

      1. That’s not true. It would have been good to see her fibroids journey or even more about her playing the field .

  5. These women will literally whoop on each other for the smallest offenses, but they let Gizelle say and do the most disrespectful things. I don’t understand it.

    1. Yes you do, the devil takes care of his own too. Gizelle and Robin are the mean bullies of the group. The have a “tri-triple” standard and they try what they are allowed to get away with. The catch is Karma does comes twice as hard when you sow sour seeds… you will reap a long lasting sour harvest… even for fake church ladies.

  6. All of these shows have become so toxic. Why are single women on a show called housewives of? That’s the real question. Put them on a show with other single people and let them go at it.

  7. Giselle is always stirring in someone else’s pot. Anything to keep focus from herself. Mia has made the mistake of thinking that Giselle is the a friend to anyone besides Robyn. Even Ashley knows that Giselle rake her over the coals.

    1. Giselle and Robyn are so messy! They get on my nerves! Always stirring up trouble! They definitely jealous of Karen whom always dresses better than them both! Gizelle need to worry about her own life being a cougar with her 36 year old boyfriend! Robyn needs to worry about keeping her marriage together and make sure her husband don’t be trying to cheat on her again with that mystery woman he was talking too!

  8. Gizelle has nothing better to do. And what kills me is that’s she’s in everybody’s business, always has an opinion, and her only story line is being in everyone’s business. They are little dogs always carrying someone else bones but her’s and Robin! Super sad!

  9. I’m not mad. They all have attitudes and skeletons. It’s just who is calling out who each season. They are all frenemies. They all think each of their individual situations is better than the next. They all brag and challenge each other’s state of being, each season. I have no sympathy for any of them.

    1. False. Gizelle is the only one on that show who literally accuses people of committing felonies and shares nothing about her life outside of 2 scenes with her daughters. She needs to go. And she can take Robyn with her since she’s not going to be transparent either. In a decade or so, the general consensus will be that Gizelle and Robyn should have been fired after the first season because they prevented RHOP from the same popularity as RHOA.

  10. Gizelle really needs to be fired. If this cast remains the exact same, next season will be even worse. Gizelle and Robyn are preventing the show from being great. They are awful housewives period.

  11. It’s funny how Gizelle has all of that crap to say about everyone else. Where was that same energy when Jamal was trying to put that restaurant in his daughters name as their restaurant because of child support, law suits and other things he is trying to cover up. Someone so pretty but so ugly and this is why she doesn’t have nor can keep a man. It’s a shame

  12. I do not understand how these black women get on a show and acted a d-mn donkey. They are a embarrassment to their families with generations to come and to black women in general.
    I don’t know what these women and I use women just out of respect get paid, but all money ain’t good money.

    1. Truer words have never been spoken. Please get rid of Candiace with her smart nasty mouth and her constant crying. She constantly tries to be nasty and when she is confronted she cries.

  13. Gizelle is a bully and a loser. Makes me want to come through the tv when she makes fun of Karen’s and Carise’s age……..referring to them as geriatric. Is Gizelle aware of her own age?…. She could be Mother to most of cast.
    Won’t waste much thought of time on Robyn. Not worth it. Won’t be watching next season

  14. I don’t understand why these women keep allowing Gizelle to keep trying them like this. Throwing out theories of embezzlement with no receipts is dangerous. But this is the same woman who laughed off lying about Chris groping someone and that’s s-xual assault. She’s a dangerous idiot.

  15. Gizelle knows what she’s doing. That’s what makes her so evil to me. She plays stupid when you’re observant and accurately call out what she’s doing. Her fans do the same and I can’t stand them either. Gaslighters, all of them.

  16. You all steady complain about Giselle, but remember it’s what the producers want you to see only. They edit out what they don’t want you to see. So what you always see is Giselle being in other folks business and none of hers is shared.

  17. I think the green eyed bandits need to go. They add nothing to the show. Maybe if Robyn talk more about sleeping the day away through her Covid depression her man would have had someone to talk with. No he is just a hoe. Gizelle is a cougar that needs any attention she can get. She wants Jamal, he doesn’t want her. She really have no story line at all. So she is allowed to sh*$ all over everyone except Robyn. Charisse looks and acts the oldest. I just don’t know where her tired self belongs on this show.


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