Quad Webb Says She Can Afford to Not Be on Upcoming Season of ‘Married to Medicine’

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Quad Webb is moving on from “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has been a hot topic on social media for the last several weeks. This is due to the fact that Dr. Heavenly Kimes made an interesting comment on her YouTube channel. She briefly spoke about the upcoming season. And she confirmed that Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Anila Sajja were out. Phaedra Parks is in. But Heavenly also pointed out to her subscribers that they should pay close attention to the fact that they haven’t heard anything about Quad’s status for the next season. To no surprise, this led to a lot of questions about whether or not Quad is coming back. This of course comes as Quad’s ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford is returning with his new wife.

Before Greg’s return was revealed, Quad did an interview with Carlos King. She expressed that it’s no hard feelings when it comes to her ex. And she also said that she actually reached out to him to congratulate him on his engagement.

Quad addressed the casting situation on her Instagram page. She responded to comments from her followers as they expressed their concern about her place on the platform. Quad confirmed that she was in the middle of contract negotiations. And she wasn’t going to sign the contract until she was granted what she believes she deserves in order to be a part of the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.”

She also said that the rest of the cast will have to step up if she doesn’t make any appearances on the next season.

Quad Webb told a “Married to Medicine” fan that her finances are just fine.

Well, it’s looking as if negotiations didn’t work out for Quad. In fact, the cast has been posting photos on social media. And Quad hasn’t been in any of them. They even attended Greg’s wedding and it’s been rumored that the ceremony was actually filmed, too.

Quad’s new home was a hot topic on the recent season. Dr. Simone Whitmore questioned how she could afford her home as a single woman. So she wondered if Quad slept with her married contractor. Quad denied this. And she took a lie detector test to prove her innocence.

With Quad not being on the new season for now, an Instagram user told her to reconsider because she has a house to pay for.

The person wrote, “You betta sign those papers cause that house still on payment.”

In response, Quad clapped back, “So it’s clear to me you’ve never heard about investments??? My dividends cover my mortgage every month! So it’s no worries for me.”


  1. I love Quad. She’s a very smart person, business person, and has been an entrepreneur for years. She can probably buy and sell a lot of them on this show. How dare Dr. Simone question Quad about what she can and cannot afford. Oh well, I’m not watching it anymore anyway so I hope Quad comes out with something so I can watch and learn more from this wise lady. I’m definitely not watching anything with Phaedra on it, so guess I’m pretty much done with the “Housewives” of anywhere (except Dubai)!!

    1. I feel ya on that and all these Quad haters and big mouth Simone when that show is canceled I’ll be sitting back smiling. I like Heavenly but she better watch her back because a lot of them want her gone. I will no longer watch the show

      1. Hunni…these folk want Quad to be miserable and broke so bad because she’s not appearing on the show!!! It’s just sad …Quad is not a dumb woman when it comes to her business…I guarantee she has multiple income resources coming in…

    2. I totally concur. Why are individuals so pressed with how Quad is paying her bills? Clearly Simone is a hater. Being a physician is not the only way to get to the top of the food chain. My brother and I are physicians and both have lucrative practices. Our younger brother decided to take another route, business. He owns several homes, business, and other properties. Financially, he has surpassed us but that’s not what’s important, he’s successful and happy. Isn’t that the dream, the goal? Simone should be ashamed of her behavior and accusations. If she is that pressed, learn from Quad and put that plate of hateration down before she gets a cup of Karma!

      1. Amen. Quad said it well. Her investments pay her mortgage. She’s way to intelligent to buy a house that she cannot pay for. I’m sure she did her financial homework before she signed on the dotted line.

      2. Simone always been a hater she too old to be acting the way she act , she is an embarrassment to her husband and her children acting the way she acts why worry about how somebody else is paying their bills that lady not asking you for nothing trusted believe the way God give it to you he can take it from you quick fasting and hurry so Miss Simone boo boo you need to check yourself girl bc you can hit hit rock God is running stuff not Simone
        It’s funny how people on reality shows always talking about they they so-called friends want to act like they got so much but you on a reality show just so you can get money for a bag if your finances are so good why are you on a reality show Mirs Simone making yourself look stupid to the world your children and your family by acting the way you act you too old for that stop thinking you so much better than others nobody heard of you until the show came out be a better wife and mother Simone

    3. Quad is intillgen woman she knows what she’s doing. Obivious her ex husband needed the show to bring extra coins in for the new wife.
      What bother me is we will sell our souls for spot light for white people’s.
      So Married for Medcine needed a story line for the upcoming show so they just reached into backyard and got Quad ex Wow!!
      I’m just saying!!!!!!!

    4. I definitely agree with you. Any show with Phaedra on it clearly lacks integrity & credibility. And as for Married to Medicine, all those women are boring. Quad is the only one that added a little spice.

    1. Let’s be very clear; Quad’s time is long over due; she’s no longer married to doctor of any kind, if it wasn’t for Gregg she would’ve been on the show in the first place. He took his time to get himself together and it’s nothing wrong with that. He’s more qualified to be on the show than her. He is a physician I’m happy for him and his wife.

  2. I don’t like Quad but I wouldn’t be happy if she was broke and struggling. I’m not a hater. So good for her.

  3. I like Quad if she’s not returning, she must have some other source of income, hopefully she can keep that house up.

  4. I really don’t know how this season is going to go. Will Phaedra actually deliver? Honestly this show has been on the decline since they fired Mariah.

    1. Mariah and Quad’s friendship made the first season. I hate they fell out because them falling out killed this show.

      1. Mariah and Quad will always be my faves! It’s really the end of an era and Phaedra can’t save it.

      2. I totally concur. This show was at its best with Mariah and Quad. They were a terrific tag team. Show been stumbling to stay revelant since. Quad should have have held Mariah down instead of allowing them to trash their friendship. Remember who brought you over. Now they’ve done to her what they did to Mariah

        1. Man it was heartbreaking when Mariah and Quad were in that dark place. You could see they were hurting and missed each other. They were too prideful to fix their friendship. 😢

        2. It’s called Karma now she’s out sista circle N married to medicine.
          I never liked how she did Mariah, she did her dirty n didn’t have Nooo reason.
          She didn’t want 2 share the spot lite wid the person who put er on.
          Now the baby she adapted is dead ( drowned) sn am loking at her side ways.
          U didn’t want kids when u were in a committed relationship.
          But all of a sudden u adopt not one but 2 and not even in a relationship and just brought a mansion.
          Girl just not 2 long Go u was living out your car. U said it.
          So how u gone afford 2 kid mortgage car payments, designers clothes pampers and heath insurance.

  5. It’s so funny….. Hunni….I may at times don’t like what Quad say or does….but I will give it to her…Miss Quad will always have a backup plan!! Just because she’s not broadcasting her income resources doesn’t mean she’s gonna be broke from not appearing on the show!! Y’all want that lady to be miserable and broke so bad!! She may have income resources coming in while we’re somewhere sleep….

  6. I will believe it when I see it.
    They all say that their finances are fine until that Bravo check disappeared…. Kim Zolziak I’d a great example

  7. I’m really not happy that Quad is not going to be on the show it wont be the same without the Queen Quad. I know she can pay for her house, why is it that black people think you need a man to have things well single black women have been doing it for years.

  8. Quad sit down its time, work on your life, your love life…..it’s sad you always have your Guard up, putting people down…you are not right….2023 work on yourself

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