Drew Sidora Suspects Courtney Rhodes is Ralph Pittman’s Mistress + She Lived in Tampa

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Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s marriage struggled long before they signed up for RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is in the middle of divorcing Ralph Pittman. A good bit of the demise of their marriage played out on the show. On the current season, Drew was blindsided by Ralph moving out of their bedroom. According to Drew, Ralph made the change while she was away working. So their children had to alert her. Ralph’s defense of moving out was downplaying it. He told Drew that moving out of the bedroom was necessary to save their marriage. In fact, he said this method helped a married couple they know. In response, Drew reminded Ralph that the couple has since filed for divorce.

Another issue Drew had with Ralph besides alleged infidelities was his extreme loyalty to Courtney Rhodes. Ralph and Courtney originally told Drew that they were cousins. However, Drew noticed Ralph would side with Courtney over her. After Monyetta Shaw told Drew that Courtney called her a ***** behind her back, Drew questioned why Ralph didn’t take issue with this. Ralph told her that Courtney didn’t wrong him in any way, so he didn’t see the need to be angry with her. This was hurtful for Drew. Her older sister Allision Jordan tried to explain to Ralph why not holding Courtney accountable isn’t what a good husband would do. But Ralph didn’t receive this.

Drew Sidora had more to say on social media.

Ralph also didn’t feel like Courtney was out of line for the comment she made about Drew’s son. Courtney accused Drew of wanting Ralph to adopt the child because she wanted him to take care of her and the kids financially while she had affairs with other women. This was a perspective he voiced at the reunion. However, most fans paid more attention to the fact that Courtney acted like Ralph’s mouthpiece. Not only did she visit him in his dressing room but she got into it with Allision as well. She exchanged words with Drew when she joined the stage briefly. And Courtney accused Drew of “ruining” her own children by “slandering” Ralph.

As we reported, many fans suspect that Courtney may allegedly be Ralph’s mistress. These feelings strengthened after Courtney appeared on Kandi Burruss‘ “Speak On It” show. She said she and Ralph aren’t actually cousins. But she’s been a better friend to Ralph than Drew has been as a wife.

Well, Drew appears to have the same theory as of now.

She posted, “I’m really intrigued on how Courtney is having Ralph’s back & now so close … kinda makes sense she lived in Tampa #RHOA.”


  1. Well, if she is the mistress pat yourself on the back because he doubled down. She can’t be compared to you in no shape or fashion.

    Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies! You will come out victorious, Drew! It doesn’t mean that some pain won’t come with it but in the long run, you’ll be able to write a book, do a movie and shine because you’ve moved on and you met a real man who would be willing to adopt all of your kids.

    Keep moving forward and a word of advice. Limit the social media contact. It can be the devil’s workshop!

    1. Exactly. Drew has so much that’s old girl will NEVER have! I can imagine how heartbroken she must me right now. 😢 Stay strong Drew, you got this!

  2. DREW….LET THAT ‘PEASANT’, go, we know you loved being married, with kids, a home, a career, YOUR THE MAIN BREAD WINNER. Well know we no they are not related, GIRL LET THAT ‘PEASANT’ , fly away …..do not look back,…. period…

  3. Drew live your best life with your children… Let that loser go on with twitch mouth. U r better than that. Ralph prey on weak woman but he will find his match & he is a jealous husband. Look what he is around 2 good men Todd & Shonya husband, men that stick by their wives. Ralph is embarrassed, he is not on their level..Ralph too busy being a boy, that’s what boys do, real men takes care of home, bye Ralph

  4. Drew,
    You are soooo pretty and talented. You do not need Ralph, he needs you. I can’t believe he would be so disrespectful to bring Courtney-A come up girl around you or even cheat on you for her. Girl you are so much better than both of them. Courtney got her 5 minutes of fame. Divorce Ralph and move on. He needs you, YOU DO NOT NEED HIM. I love you Drew and wish you the best.

  5. Drew Keep God in you and your children lives first and for most know your self worth stand by it as fir your husband cheaters never prosper.With that being said your beauty and talent is remarkable I have been a faithful fan of yours day 1 through out the show even though you were continuously pushed around you stood your ground what a phenomenal woman you are, just know you already won your victory is your freedom to find real love and true happiness

  6. 2 claps for Kenya for keeping it real for standing up for you she definitely won brownie points from 1sister to the next

  7. Ralph is a hater and loser! Any man that doesn’t have his wife back and defend her against all, is a man don’t love you! He should have checked Courtney when she called you a b-tch!
    Remove both of the toxic energy they bring out of your life and focus on your happiness and your children!

  8. The reality show is so disrespectful they knew that was Ralphs mistress and yet they allowed for her to come on the show and play with Drew. Now had Drew been a crazy woman and kicked that a🤣💛 on there you would of kicked her off the show and made her look crazy to the world. But because Drew was a Queen with her head held high and Ralph looked like a deer in headlights or was he on drugs no emotions at all blank stare … I think he and Courtney should be off the show. Reality shows are messy and do anything to make money 💰 so sad 😞

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