Kari Wells Says She Fell Out with Toya Bush-Harris + Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Went Off on Her

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Toya Bush-Harris fell out with Kari Wells.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has been catching a lot of heat for her YouTube comments. However, it doesn’t seem as if the “Married to Medicine” star has any plans to stop her commentary. She is still reviewing the episodes on her YouTube channel. Recently, she discussed the latest episode with Kari Wells. And Kari and Heavenly claimed that a scene of Dr. Contessa Metcalfe going off on Kari was edited out of the episode. Kari also alleged that Contessa is still mad at her for talking about the hotel room blowup she had with Dr. Scott Metcalfe while the cameras were rolling. Apparently, Contessa was hoping that Kari wouldn’t discuss this on the show. But Kari ended up telling Toya Bush-Harris she overheard Scott and Contessa arguing in their hotel room during a cast trip.

Heavenly and Kari also discussed Contessa and Toya’s friendship. They called it fake. And Kari accused Toya of cutting her off because she checked on Anila Sajja after her house was broken into. This led to a friendship. Kari also said that Toya took issue with her telling cast members that Toya allegedly said that Anila’s house was on a hit list.

Interestingly enough, Heavenly and Kari are on much better terms although they don’t have the best history. And Kari said they were able to have a much-needed conversation which resulted in them becoming friends.

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  1. Kari does too much…I don’t like her as a friend of the show…even though she started out on the show for one season…she brings nothing to the show and I hope she doesn’t continue to go on trips with the other ladies…

  2. I don’t like how now Kari is spilling her guts to Heavenly simply because she and Toya are on the outs! If I fall out with someone still I hold my tongue about that person! Heavenly’s You tube channels is for click , views, likes and money. So spilling the rumors, gossip and prehaps some truths about her castmates doesn’t bother her because as much as she scream it. She is NOT a loyal friend! 1

  3. Kari is no one’s friend – she is a go along to get along kind of person, just like Anila and the lawyer.

    Toya is beautiful, funny, and has an outgoing peesonality. She has a beautiful family and a loving husband who worships the ground she walks on.

    Unfortunately, because Toya is a carefree, stay at home mom, who makes no apologies for who she is, the others’ jealousy and judgement only sees her as dumb, having no goals, no worth or value, and who is beneath them socially. They resent her being on the platform with them because she. brings nothing to the table and lives above her means.

    Hence, she is an easy target for the newbies and the veterans. This is most Unfortunate because unlike, Heavenly, Jackie, Anila, Contessa, and Quad, Toya us not fake and doesn’t really have a mean bone in her body.

    In my opinion, what Toya does is react out of hurt to people who come for her, especially if she thinks they are friends. Yes, she shares too much of her personal business, says crazy unfiltered things, and loves to have fun but she is not mean-spirited, fake, and judgemental like Jackie, Contessa, and Heavenly.

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