LAMH Mess: LaTisha Scott Seemingly Slams La’Berrick Williams + La’Berrick Claps Back

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Destiny Payton is currently tied up in a very messy legal situation involving her ex-husband La’Berrick Williams.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about Destiny Payton considering the latest news involving her and La’Berrick Williams. As we reported, Destiny was recently featured on Crime Stoppers. She’s been accused of forging his signature on a utilities contract. Destiny turned herself in. She told her Instagram followers that her father went with her for support. And she requested prayer because she worried the whole ordeal could stress him out immensely. Interestingly enough, most fans are aware that Destiny and La’Berrick didn’t have the cleanest of splits. In fact, Destiny alleged La’Berrick caught her off guard when he filed for divorce. He reportedly filed two weeks after she gave birth to their son.

One of the main complaints against Destiny was she did not share enough of her personal life on LAMH. Fans, cast members, and producers particularly had a lot of questions about her divorce. However, Destiny said she couldn’t say much for legal reasons. Some suspected this meant La’Berrick may have had a gag order against her. Regardless, Carlos King said producers had labeled Destiny as too hard to work with. And Kimmi Scott’s commitment to showing her cancer battle was confirmation that it was time to officially move on from Destiny.

LaTisha Scott seemingly came for La’Berrick Williams and he matched her energy.

Well, Destiny and La’Berrick had a lot of people giving their opinions on the latest news. Some believe Destiny was out of line to allegedly forge La’Berrick’s signature for any reason. They pointed out that Destiny could have ruined his credit and employment situation. So she is not a victim in the matter, La’Berrick is. Others believe Destiny deserves empathy and her current reality is a bit too harsh because she is a single mother. So that makes her the victim and La’Berrick the villain. Apparently, LaTisha Scott sides with Destiny. She seemingly threw jabs at La’Berrick on Instagram Story.

She wrote, “I’m so SICK of these bitter ExHusband/Boyfriends #MOVEON.” LaTisha added, “Cause a real *****’ll pull up with the click-clack. That b**** your ex (your ex) for a reason.”

It’s likely La’Berrick caught wind of LaTisha’s post. In response, he posted, “Keke are you with me…”

As you may recall, LaTisha and her cousin KeKe Jabbar had an explosive moment on the recent episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” KeKe was so furious about being ignored that she threw her drink in LaTisha’s face.

You can check out all of the screenshots in the video below.


  1. This is why I felt absolutely nothing when Keke threw that drink. This is the real Latisha and Marsau right here. They are much worse than Keke could ever be. True criminals with arrest records to match. Destiny’s friends side with her because they’re just as soulless and unethical as she is.

  2. Latisha is disgusting. Destiny will never change because she keeps enablers around her. She doesn’t have a right to violate La’Berrick because they were married for one month and share a son together. Unfortunately, some black women are deplorable and just as bad as toxic black men.

  3. Latisha needs to let go of her hood rat mentality! She’s in her 40s! Is she really going to teach her children that it’s okay to break the law?! La’Berrick isn’t the one who needs to move on, Destiny does! She still thinks she’s entitled to his money, house, and credit! Girl, stand on your own feet! I thought you said you were a boss anyway. 🧐

  4. I think the only people who are defending Destiny are the ones who open up accounts using their kids names and ruin their credit before they even turn 5 years old. I’m grateful my parents never had that mentality. The Scott’s are really a piece of work.

  5. Chile…I hate that some black people feel compelled to defend criminals. The last place any black person wants to be is prison/jail. So stop glorifying this stuff. Destiny was wrong period. They’d drag La’Berrick if he did this to Destiny.

  6. I’d be too embarrassed to share such an asinine perspective. LaTisha was not raised right. Neither was Destiny.

  7. Destiny was so concerned about her physical image and style. She had to have the car, the house, the clothes, and the hair. When you are in business for yourself it’s about sacrifice and baby steps until you make It.
    Latisha and Marsau the original $100 couple have not given anyone a thing. Even when it came to Wanda it if course had conditions, it was business. The ex husband is not responsible to take care of Destiny and her bills.
    It’s too bad she has friends to party with, vacation with and have lunch with but none to approach to borrow or help her out of a financial bind. Her dad couldn’t help?, where’s that new boo? But the best thing to do is get a job or 2. Obviously entrepreneurship needs to be supplemented at this time. She has and continues to have a very stank attitude.

  8. Now LaTisha wants to be tough yet she let Stormi call her husband a b-tch multiple times? She needs to sit her fake hard a-s down somewhere because she’s an easy read.

  9. I hate men for sport but it’s incredibly evil to paint La’Berrick as a villain when he’s the victim of a crime.

  10. Y is LaTisha in someone else’s business defending their behavior, win she is blind to hers and her husband’s. Misplace of being a responsible person as she always is!

  11. Karma is a mutha! If Destiny wouldn’t have had a stank approach on everything, her ex may have afforded her an opportunity to move on amicably. But, as always, when someone tries to help they become the villains. No better for her.

  12. LaTisja needs to sit her punk a-s down. Your man is a weak p–sy 🤣. U bow down to him. He has no respect for u or any other woman. All u say is yes Marsue. Try defending yourself it would carry more weight. U trying to play hard 😅😅😅😅. Go get your momma so she can talk sh-t for you. In the mean time sit your PUNK A-S DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!

  13. Here goes another woman coming at a MAN and he supposed to just stay mute…well B**** this not Beyonce ‘s tour …..LOVE La’berrick’s 👏 back

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