Carlos King Told Melody Holt to Get Back Together with Martell Holt + Melody Refused

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Some people rooted for Martell Holt and Melody Holt to get back together.

Melody Holt and Martell Holt‘s divorce was a huge topic for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans. While the split itself was already controversial, it became even wilder after it was revealed that Martell impregnated his longtime mistress. Things had gotten so contentious that blowups ensued as the former couple continued to film scenes together. Accusations were always made. And tempers were sure to flare.

Regardless, some LAMH fans still wanted Martell and Melody to get back together. And Melody opened up about this when she appeared on Carlos King’s podcast, “Reality with The King.” She broke down why she understood this sentiment, “Us being divorced honestly has nothing to do with ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ but I’ll be quite frank with you, there were more people DM’ing me rooting for me to make my marriage work. There were more people wanting me to stay like y’all have these beautiful children.”

She added, “There were more people for the marriage than against the marriage. They loved seeing this beautiful, black, young power couple.”

Melody understands people loved their family unit, “They loved seeing that, they loved seeing us with our kids as a family unit. So more people didn’t want me to leave than the ones that did want me to leave. Me leaving was solely a me and God choice. It had nothing to do with…If I went with what more of the fans thought, I would still be married. Truth be told.”

Carlos admitted that he did ask Melody to get back together with Martell.

“I have even have had moments with Melody and said, ‘Yeah girl. Take him back. I miss y’all together.’ And she’d say, ‘Carlos! If you don’t get off my phone!'”

Regardless, Melody knows that she made the right decision. Check out the full interview here.

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  1. This isn’t surprising. Black women are expected to tolerate any and everything. I’m glad I never went along with that narrative though.

  2. I think it’s sad that there are people who want them back together. Martell is never going to do right. He wanted Melody to accept his cheating.

  3. Well truth be told, Melody did the right thing in order to maintain her sanity. She gave Martell chances of chances. And he still went outside the home. Now he wants to come back? If I were her? The answer would still be no. Her divorce is final, And that’s the way it would stay.

  4. Melody made the right choice for her sanity. Martell can never be trusted with her heart again. He’s a very dishonest and deceitful person.

  5. Melody, you can do it all by yourself with the help of God. Carlos King is f— g crazy if he would like to see you and Martell together again. If you do, this time you will be Martell’s foot mat. That man makes the world sees you like a dirty piece of whatever, and he wants you to accept his cheating habits. Girl move on. Melody you do not need what he has in his pants, because it belongs to the community. You can do better alone. Ask Carlos if he was in your shoe what would he do? Men will take up for men, because Carlos would do the same thing as Martell did and have no remorse. Are you sure that’s what Carlos wants, or maybe that’s what you want to do, and you’re using Carlos to get by. You’re a mature woman, no one can make you do what you do not want to do. Move on and let that dried up piece of garbage stay by the roadside and rotten. Stay blessed.

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