Carlos King Responds to OWN Viewers Accusing Him of Creating Toxic Reality Shows

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Carlos King has received some backlash amid the popularity of LAMH.

The men of “Love & Marriage: Detroit” are already receiving backlash on social media just one season in. Some fans have complained that they are all “toxic” husbands. This has also resulted in some criticism of Carlos King as well. In fact, some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have accused Carlos of liking and supporting toxic men who should not have a platform. This all came to a head after Melody Shari made some very strong accusations about Martell Holt. She alleged that Martell threatened to release a video of them being intimate while they were still married. Martell then did an interview addressing the accusations. And he claimed he was just “defending” himself because Melody was “bullying” him in her interviews.

The matter was taken pretty seriously by some LAMH fans. A petition was even launched calling for Martell’s firing. As for Carlos, he’s made it clear on his YouTube channel that he prefers to remain neutral when it comes to Melody and Martell. And he firmly believes that they are huge reasons why “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” became a smash hit on OWN. So as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t want to show to move forward without them.

Well, Carlos addressed some of the criticism he’s received during an interview with “Love & Marriage: Detroit” star Anthony Thompson.

Carlos King isn’t certain that his critics would watch a positive reality show.

Carlos asked Anthony, “People think Anthony is toxic, the men on Detroit are toxic, Carlos likes toxic husbands. What do you have to say when people throw those narratives in your direction?”

And Anthony answered, “I think it’s bull crap. It’s people being fake because let’s be real if these cameras went home with everybody…see, I’m on a lot of boards. And I talk to a lot of people. It’s so many men I know right now that are unhappy and married and do stuff at home and they all be on social media smiling, taking pictures, and acting like they happy go lucky. And that ain’t true.”

He continued, “Let’s be real. They can say what they want to say. But y’all watching because y’all know y’all connect to it.”

Carlos then responded directly to his detractors, “If I created a show and it was about everybody being happy-go-lucky, life is good, rainbows and Skittles, and we have picnics on Saturday and that’s that, y’all would call my show boring and not watch it and it will be canceled, right? The thing is this, everybody’s relationship is different. Everybody, man, female or they; everybody has a toxic moment, a moment that they’re not proud of. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, we’re watching the show because, at the end of the day, you can relate to it.”

Check out the full interview here.


  1. I get what Carlos is saying but it seems as if all the husbands on both shows are toxic in some way. Yes people like drama but damn can we at least have one couple that shows a healthy positive relationship.

    1. Would LOVE to see it. The problem Carlis don’t see is that watching EVERY HUSBAND on the show have a Toxic marriage is not appealing either. All most viewers are asking for is why as Black relationships ALL YOU SHOW ARE TOXIC!!

    2. Right they are stuck in the old traditions.Ine instance they feel they don’t have to communicate with the wives on major life changing events

  2. I really want people to understand that every black person doesn’t live a dysfunctional life or have a bad marriage. No, I cannot relate to most of these people. And contrary to belief, there are positive shows that do very well. Carlos may surprise himself one day by what he’s able to create once he realizes there are different types of people out here. I just don’t want him to get stuck and use the same formula on all of his shows.

    1. I stopped a couple seasons back, nothing positive happens consistently, no building projects being seen, finished or otherwise.

    2. Thank you so much for this comment! Carlos seems to think either relationships are boring or toxic; like normal relationships don’t exist otherwise!

    3. Try to create a show that shows men in a positive light. I would not be impressed if my daughter had any of these men has husbands. They do not respect each other. Anthony needs therapy. He does not know how to fight fair. He goes very low when someone disagrees with him!! Toxic Anthony is the worst!!

  3. I can’t wait until something other than realty tv comes on. If it’s a sacrifice for a paycheck and you can handle it, so be it. Your life, your choice! You’re right, Anthony! We all have skeletons in our closet. I think the reality is how Carlos King adds his 2 cents as well as Andy Cohen instigating the narrative that it becomes a problem.

    Some of it, I love to watch but only when we’re being bosses and leading by true example.

    That’s my opinion!
    Best Wishes!

    P.S. Come to the ghetto and create a realty show for rags to riches. I mean true rags.

  4. Just because we like drama and mess, it does not mean that we only want to watch it. We want positive reflections of life, we want positive reflections.

  5. This Anthony character is rude, immature, and unlikable. If he keeps it up, he’ll eventually see just how damaging a reality show can be to someone’s reputation. Carlos doesn’t air out his personal business for a reason.

    1. Anthony is just trying to convince himself of some s**t….it shows that he’s not happy and he just wears pants in public…at the crib he’s flossing dresses…he’s a straight wuss playing for the cameras, HIS WIFE RUNS IT….no cameras and he’s meek as a mouse and dull as a butter knife. In other words he’s his wife’s favorite word….FAKE!! #LAMDT

    2. You are speaking facts. Carlos doesn’t air his dirty laundry , but doesn’t have a problem airing other peoples problems. And For Carlos to try and justify it by saying that no one would watch a positive show is crazy. It says to me that this dude is being ignorant for ratings. Why would he want himself to be shown in a negative light is beyond me.

      1. I totally agree… it’s all about ratings with Carlos
        Taling about each other and seeing who can dig up the most dirt. Then here comes Stormy and she brings along her big mouth mama who can’t even get along with her sister. Stormy does not bring anything but more drama and she a gossip.

  6. I like Belle Collective a lot because it’s the most balanced of all his shows. But he’s right, people won’t watch if there isn’t any drama to discuss. So he’s in a lose lose situation and I wish him the best.

  7. I agree wuth the statement about if things were good no one will watch however when it comes to Martell & he has repeatedly shown you his bad behavior trying to blackmail Mel & release a sex tape is to far & Carlos you are wring for that he should be fired


  9. I think Anthony is a straight-up jerk. He’s whimsy, whiney, unstable when he doesn’t get his way or when he’s called out for stuff he’s said, and a truly miserable human being. He’s immature and FAKE as h-ll.

    1. Of all the men on that show , Anthony is a fuse waiting to blow up. We’ve seen him explode several times now. I’m still trying to figure out what he does to bring money to the table. That Man Walk was JOKE. He is always the first to want to pray. Watch those who always want to pray. HE’S A FAKE a n d Latoya’s dad knows it.

  10. So just agree that you co-sign toxic negative behaviors for views and money…it sounds bad when you put it that way but that’s basically what he is saying. He encourages the negativity either by remaining quiet or not making changes towards the positive, for money. He sells these negative views about the black community and marriages for entertainment purposes.

  11. If you are wasting your life watching this nonsense then you have way bigger problems than what is discussed here.

  12. Does he really believe people won’t react to anything POSITIVE!? That’s so sad! I Pray for something positive to watch on TV. Espescially reality TV. Most of the shows are so negative, I just stopped watching them. Someone is always fighting, cheating, stealing, passing each other around etc. I mean it’s terrible. Sometimes I wish Reality TV never began. Sincerely

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