Brittish Williams Accuses Jackie Christie of Getting Her Fired from ‘Basketball Wives’

Photo Credit: VH1

Evelyn Lozada and Brooke Bailey recently dragged Jackie Christie on social media.

Basketball Wives” stars Brooke Bailey and Evelyn Lozada called Jackie Christie out recently on social media. First, Evelyn accused Jackie of telling others she didn’t think Malaysia Pargo should be on the show. Evelyn made this claim after Jackie told her X supporters she wanted to see Malaysia back on the platform. Jackie said she was taken aback by this. During a recent interview, Jackie addressed the situation. She said she never said she didn’t want Malaysia on “Basketball Wives.” But what she did say is she would support Malaysia’s decision to leave in order to prioritize her mental health.

Jackie was also asked about Brooke during the same interview. As we reported, the two ladies had a disagreement involving the death of Brooke’s daughter. Brooke accused Jackie of not really being there for her during the tough time. Jackie then posted screenshots on X showing she reached out to Brooke when she first learned of the tragedy. Regardless, Brooke still feels Jackie should have done more than text messages. During a recent episode, Jackie and Brooke seemingly hashed things out. However, Jackie told Funky Dineva that she didn’t like how the scene was edited. And she didn’t need to take accountability for anything because she did reach out to Brooke.

In response, Brooke made a lot of accusations about Jackie on X. She alleged that Jackie said she wanted to slap Evelyn and Shaunie Henderson. Brooke also accused Jackie of being upset about not being included on the billboard for “Basketball Wives.” Instead, the ladies featured were Evelyn, Shaunie, and Jennifer.

Jackie Christie responded.

Well, Jackie clapped back by posting a screenshot of Brittish Williams telling her it was wrong to not include her on the billboard.

Brooke then responded with a screenshot of another text Brittish sent Jackie. In this text, Brittish is accusing Jackie of getting her fired from the show.

Brittish was recently sentenced to four years in prison for fraud.




  1. Brooke is so miserable and needs time away to heal. Brittish isn’t sorry for what she did and will likely do it again. The audacity of her calling anyone else a snake when she’s going to prison for fraud and scamming for several years. She got yourself fired with that prison sentence.

    1. How is it Jackie’s fault she got you actually think VH1 would keep her on the show..she really is Stuck On Stooopid 🙄

  2. All these women talk behind each other’s backs because they’re too shallow to understand the concept of friendship. They gang up on whoever they don’t want on the show and most of them are scared of Evelyn. But Jackie is the show. This will backfire.

    1. I agree with both of your comments! By the way how can Jackie, get someone Fired? You got yourself in trouble with the Feds, not Jackie, the producers Fired you, tell the Truth.

  3. Hold on…Brittish you got your OWN self fired by having that charge. How dare you go blame someone else for your problems

  4. How is the only one with a husband the one that’s jealous. JEALOUS OF WHAT OF WHO? Brooke’s not the only one that’s delusional.

  5. Let’s get Jackie season. Jackie has with stood every dart and arrow 🏹 that has come her way. Jackie has proven herself as being a solid anchor. She will not leave unless she is fired.


  6. Jackie is messy, my condolences to Brooke, team Malaysia, wish she would come back, she always kept it a 100 , glad Brandie is gone,

  7. Shaunie is a producer not Jackie so if she wanted her to stay then she would have been there. Look at the housewives alot of them has been to jail and was in the process of going to jail and still filmed on their show. So she need to adjust her thinking!

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